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Beverage Distribution

The beverage distribution activity of Rième started in the time period when local customers would come to the limonaderie for their limonades and syrups, but people from the surrounding villages were delivered directly at home. Wooden cases of limonades, syrups and mineral waters were loaded into the bed of an old Renault truck with wooden-slat sides, and off they went! The business quickly expanded to include cafés and general stores, and the Rième truck out on delivery was a common and welcome sight.

Today, the locals still come directly to the limonaderie for their case of limonade and their syrups, and the Rième trucks can still be seen out on delivery to private customers and local businesses. Rième now distributes fine wines, beers, fruit juices and coffee as well as their limonades and syrups, and proposes a free consulting service to local business clients who open cafés and restaurants. After all, with nearly 100 years of experience parching local thirst, they should know what they’re talking about!