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Rième all around the world !

Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and more…Rième’s artisanal beverages are loved all around the world!

For nostalgic French expats to people just looking for an authentically French experience, Rième brings its syrups and limonades over borders and across time zones. Thanks to their high quality products and willingness to work together with local clients, Rième products can now be found in over 20 countries and four continents.  

Blood orange Rième Export 33cl
Blood orange Rième Export 75cl
Lemon Rième Export 33cl
Lemon Rième Export 75cl
Orange Rième Export 33cl
Orange Rième Export 75cl
Pink Grapefruit Rième Export 33cl
Pink Grapefruit Rième Export 75cl
Pink Rième Export 33cl
Pink Rième Export 75cl
Pomegranate Rième Export 33cl
Pomegranate Rième Export 75cl
Traditional Rième Export 33cl
Traditional Rième Export 75cl